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Façade of health

Many people are able to keep up a façade of health, but they quickly decompensate with physical complaints or psychiatric disturbances in time of relatively minor crisis.”

Professor P. Ney MD FRCP(C) MA RPsych


Cat's Story and DVD

"Parenting now is a far more positive experience then it ever was before I had un-grieved losses."




Hope Alive Concept and Research


The Injury Within
“The overwhelming need may not be readily apparent, yet careful clinical observation and research indicate there are millions of people in every country deeply wounded by confusing conflicts, intense emotions, personality handicaps and progressive dehumanization resulting from unresolved pregnancy losses and abuses. Many people are able to keep up a façade of health, but they quickly decompensate with physical complaints or psychiatric disturbances in time of relatively minor crisis.”      


Professor P. Ney MD FRCP(C) MA RPsych
Hope Alive Group Therapy


The Founders of Hope Alive Group Therapy

Philip Ney MD FRCP(C) MA RPsych and Dr. Marie Peeters-Ney MD

Raised in Canada, Dr. Ney graduated in medicine from the University of British Columbia and trained as a child psychiatrist and child psychologist at McGill University, London University and the University of Illinois. He is an academic and clinician of over fifty years. He has taught in five medical schools, been full professor three times, served as hospital and academic department chairman, and established three child psychiatric units. He has done research into child abuse for more than forty years and has published many papers and books on this subject. In his early research he became increasingly aware of the connection between child abuse and abortion.
Dr. Peeters-Ney is an American. Having obtained her medical training in Belgium and her pediatric specialty training in the USA and Canada, she worked at the University of Paris with the world-famous geneticist, Jerome Lejeune, and won an important scientific prize for her research into the biochemical causes of mental retardation. She is currently Director of Medical research at the International Foundation for Genetic Research.
Together they have studied children who are survivors of abortion. From their experience conducting therapeutic groups for women and men suffering from the effects of child abuse and/or abortion, Philip Ney wrote "Ending the Cycle of Abuse" (Taylor Frances, New York) and "Deeply Damaged" (Pioneer Publishing, Victoria, BC), which summarise his research and describe the theoretical structure of a Psychology of Created Humanity.
Published results of Hope Alive


Results of Group Psychotherapy for Abuse, Neglect and Pregnancy Loss


The discovery of the link between neglect, abuse and abortion

Dr. Ney began practice as a consultant with the Department of Mental Health and teaching at the University of British Columbia in 1968. He soon discovered there were difficult to treat psychiatric conditions not described in the textbook.


On one occasion, a mother complained about not being able to touch and, therefore, not being able to bond with her child. All the usual factors associated with poor bonding (which is associated with child abuse) were not present. Upon more careful inquiry, he discovered that that mother had aborted her previous child. He had to wonder and later investigate, whether there was any connection between child abuse and abortion. From clinical observations and research data that he collected over the years, he had to conclude there was a cyclic connection:


Those who had aborted babies were significantly less able to bond to their subsequent children and therefore there was a higher chance of child abuse and neglect. Those that had been abused and neglected as children were more likely to have abortions.


Dr. Philip Ney’s first paper on this subject was published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (1979). He treated most of the difficult problems arising from a combination of childhood mistreatment and pregnancy losses in family therapy. He later returned to his earlier training as a group psychotherapist. Under God’s guidance, he put together the Hope Alive program.


The connection between child abuse and abortion

It was painfully obvious that many of the people who had abortions had been dehumanized by the early experience of childhood mistreatment and further dehumanized by dehumanizing their unborn baby in order to abort him/her. If there were to be an effective treatment program, it would have to deal with this progressive and cyclic problem of dehumanization. Dr. Ney who had spent years writing scientific papers in the area of child abuse and neglect, now began publishing in the area surrounding the connection between child abuse and abortion. About the same time he discovered that children who grew up in families where there had been abortions, and people who grew up in countries where abortions were frequent, had the signs and symptoms of those who survived concentration camps and major disasters. He called this the Post Abortion Survivors Syndrome.


In 1992 Dr. Ney was invited by S.P.U.C. (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) to train counsellors in England. The same year he was invited by Dr. Marie Peeters to present his research and group counselling program to some carefully selected professional people at Saint Felicite Maternity Hospital in Paris. From those two early beginnings, Hope Alive has, under God’s guidance, spread to many other countries. For many serious minded counsellors this was the type of program they were looking for. The usual quick fixes for problems associated with child abuse and abortions resulted in incomplete healing and illness chronicity.


The Hope Alive Program deals with men and women who suffer from PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome), children and adults who have PASS (Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome) and men who are affected by LOPS (Lack of Partner Support) and everyone damaged by mistreatment especially childhood abuse and neglect (CAN). This program does not involve hymn singing, prayer and Bible reading so that all hurting individuals feel welcome.


Teaching Hope Alive at Mt Joy College, Canada,Mt Joy College

Hope Alive was sponsored by the Institute of Pregnancy Loss, Child Abuse Research and Recovery (IIPLCARR) founded by Dr. Philip Ney and Dr. Marie Peeters-Ney. It is now taught at the Mount Joy College and the graduates form the International Hope Alive Counsellors Association (IHACA).


It now has affiliates in 27 countries with invitations to train in many other places. After maturing and achieving good results and good experience these counsellors are invited to train as supervisors and then later to train as Hope Alive trainers for their own countries.


Mt Joy College is situated on 149 acres atop a small mountain with 360 degree views of the forest, ocean and snow capped peaks. It thoroughly teaches and rigorously trains people in exquisitely beautiful surroundings.


As a registered private post secondary teaching facility, Mount Joy College offers a growing selection of residential and day credited courses.



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