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Committed to awareness

Lyn is committed to bringing awareness to the impact of neglect, abuse and unresolved pregnancy losses including abortion.


I was highly anxious

"I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and tackled issues that constantly haunted me"




About Hope Alive in Australia and Internationally


Hope Alive comes to Perth, Western Australia


Hope Alive started in Perth WA in 2009 after Lyn Varty traveled to Hawaii in 2008 to train as a Level 1 Hope Alive Counsellor. Lyn has coordinated and facilitated a number of groups in Perth. The support of faithful volunteers over the years is the reason Hope Alive Australia has developed and expanded.


In 2010 and 2013 two international Level 1 trainings were hosted in Perth. After gaining experience facilitating a number group Lyn travelled to Canada to  train as a Level 2 Supervisor at Mt Joy College by Dr. Philip Ney. Lyn is supervised by Dr. Philip Ney and participates in Group supervision via Skype.

Lyn is also committed to bringing awareness to the impact of neglect, abuse and unresolved pregnancy losses including abortion. She has coordinated and spoken at the “Hidden Me” Conference and “Silent Grief” Conference in Perth and has been a guest speaker at a number of seminars/conferences.


Lyn's counselling experience comes from a background of over 20 years experience in pastoral ministry, formal qualifications and training overseas; specialising in neglect, abuse and all forms of pregnancy loss including abortion. Lyn draws from  a range of therapeutic approaches, her extensive knowledge and experience to help people through some of the most difficult aspects and experiences in their lives.

Lyn has a private practice, manages Connections Counselling and is committed to providing professional, ethical counselling. She provides professional supervision and mentors students at both a degree and graduate level in higher education. Students are placed with Lyn as part of the Counselling Practicum component of their courses.

Lyn is the coordinator for Hope Alive Australia and is a director for IHACA (International Hope Alive Counsellors Association) member of IHACA and facilitates group therapy for men and women impacted by childhood neglect, abuse and/or pregnancy losses.


Hope Alive Riverina NSW/VIC
Hope Alive Riverina covers a large area of country Victoria and New South Wales. In July 1997 Level 1 Training was hosted in Melbourne, Dr. Philip Ney trained a number of people from around Australia.

Janice Ferguson and Maree Opdam facilitated their first group in 1998 in Wagga Wagga NSW. In August 1999 Janice and Maree travelled to Mount Joy College in Canada to train as a Level 2 supervisor.

In February 2003 Janice and Maree hosted Level 1 training at Galong NSW. Dr. Ney officiated the training.


Hope Alive expands to Brisbane, Queensland

Hope Alive Australia has expanded to Brisbane, Debbie Cale-Clark and Liz Preston both trained in Perth in 2010. In 2013 they both assisted with Level 1 Training in Perth by facilitating small groups. In 2014 they facilitated their first group in Brisbane.


Experienced Certified Counsellors


All Hope Alive counsellors have completed the requirements of course work and clinical experience to become certified under Mount Joy College and a member of the International Hope Alive Counsellors Association (IHACA).


All our counsellors have extensive counselling experience.


For further information about each of our counsellors qualifications and experience please visit the Meet our Counsellors page


The future vision

We have the vision to expand Hope Alive Group Therapy to other parts of Australia and New Zealand.


Hope Alive in 27 Countries

The program is now being used in about twenty-seven countries and is rapidly gaining respect among professionals and laymen. It is unquestionably very hard work for counsellees and counsellors, but outcome studies have indicated major improvements in many areas particularly self-respect, depression, relationships and the ability to grieve difficult losses. The results of an outcome study were presented at the annual meeting of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (May 2000) and were well appreciated. The theoretical framework is based equally on “hard-nosed” science and sound Christian teaching.


Teaching Hope Alive at Mt Joy College, CanadaMt Joy College

Hope Alive was sponsored by the Institute of Pregnancy Loss, Child Abuse Research and Recovery (IIPLCARR) founded by Dr. Philip Ney and Dr. Marie Peeters-Ney. It is now taught at the Mount Joy College and the graduates form the International Hope Alive Counsellors Association (IHACA).


It now has affiliates in 27 countries with invitations to train in many other places. After maturing and achieving good results and good experience these counsellors are invited to train as supervisors and then later to train as Hope Alive trainers for their own countries.


Mt Joy College is situated on 149 acres atop a small mountain with 360 degree views of the forest, ocean and snow capped peaks. It thoroughly teaches and rigorously trains people in exquisitely beautiful surroundings.


As a registered private post secondary teaching facility, Mount Joy College offers a growing selection of residential and day credited courses.


Alumni Affiliations Internationally

Graduates of the Hope Alive program form the International Hope Alive counsellors Association (IHACA) which now has affiliates in 27 countries.


Find out more on the Mt Joy College Alumini Website.










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