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Hope Alive Level 1

Counsellor Training 

Fri 2nd Aug 2024 to Sat 10th Aug 2023

47 Gloucester Cres, Shoalwater WA 6169

Hope Alive Level 1 Training is undertaken as an intensive training in a residential context. The experiential nature of the course enables trainees to acquire practical skills and understand the process that participants will go through in group therapy. Trainees will also study the conceptual framework, theoretical basis and scientific data along with unique Hope Alive techniques. To get more details, express your interest here.

(Training includes accommodation and meals for a week)

Hope Alive Group Therapy

Millions of people, both men and women, are suffering the effects of unresolved childhood abuse, neglect, unresolved pregnancy losses, disenfranchised grief and trauma. Hope Alive Group Therapy takes a person further and deeper than any existing group therapy in Australia, New Zealand, and the world. The benefits of Hope Alive Group Therapy are found in this published study.


Hope Alive is an in-depth program where participants can gain understanding, discover why they do the things they do, learn new skills, and develop new behaviours enabling growth and change.  




We offer a range of workshops for mental health professional practitioners, people in related industries, and community groups on a variety of topics, such as:


  • Abortion Grief

  • The Link between Neglect, Abuse and Unresolved Pregnancy Loss including Abortion

  • Silent Grief Seminar 

  • The impact Abortion can have on Men and Women

  • The Cycle of Neglect, Abuse, and Unresolved Pregnancy Losses

  • Pregnancy Loss Survivor and Abortion Survivor

  • The Attachment and Bonding Effect

  • Self-Care for Professionals

  • Other topics are available upon request to cater to your needs

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